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A little family history about Sew Perfect Props


We believe photography is about family and documenting family history. Here's a little bit of ours:

Grandma Maxine was raised in rural Iowa following the Great Depression. Her father was a farm hand, and her mother a home-maker.

To earn extra income, her mother Ella would often sew or mend clothing. Whenever she could, Ella would save buttons from her projects for Grandma Maxine. 

As Grandma Maxine grew, she found her passion in sewing and continued collecting buttons. She started adding fabric-collecting as well, and over the years her sewing-stash grew extensively.

When Grandma Maxine had daughters of her own, she passed along her love of sewing to them. 

Today, sisters Peggy and Kathy are the seamstresses behind Sew Perfect Props, continuing on the family tradition and passion for sewing. 

Grandma Maxine lost her fight with ovarian cancer in 1990. She had big dreams of watching her grandchildren grow and creating costumes and clothing for them.

Sadly, so many of her projects were left unfinished as her illness progressed. As Peggy and Kathy were sorting through her sewing room, they came across the box of buttons.

They were not sure what to do with the buttons at that time, but knew it was a family treasure. They divided the fabric, and Peggy kept the buttons.

Over the next 26 years, that box of buttons was packed, unpacked and survived 5 moves between 2 states before it's true purpose was realized: accenting and completing many of the custom designs the sisters make for Sew Perfect Props. 

Peggy's daughter, a professional newborn photographer, had tried to convince her to leave her stressful corporate job and follow her dreams to "just sew all day" for years (mostly for selfish prop-hoarding reasons).

In the summer of 2016, the timing was finally right- and Peggy said goodbye to corporate America, and hello to her dream job. 

Sew Perfect Props truly is a family-business: Peggy's daughter helps with designs, patterns and fabrics, and Peggy and Kathy sew each of the clothing items. 

Although not all of our designs incorporate Grandma's buttons, we use them whenever possible.

By incorporating the treasured family buttons into our creations, we are able to share a piece of our family history with each of you. 

We are just starting our online store, so we appreciate your grace as we work out the kinks.

We would love to feature your work on our site! Please send watermarked images to: 

Thank you for reading, and happy shopping!

Peggy & Kathy- the Sew Perfect Props Team